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Whew. So, yesterday was brutally busy - I took the day off to get stuff done.

It started with dropping the kids off at the daycare, then running into the next county to pick up the Recorded marriage certificate/license. We got it at no charge, since we never received it in the first place (which is why I ran 27 miles out of my way to pick up the original - I could have gotten a certified copy from my county courthouse, but it would have cost at least $10. Cheap, ain't I? *g*) We (yes, *we*; I'm not allowed to go running around unattended. I might get lost (OK, that's true) or molested (huh. Yeah...the knife I keep in the car tends to deter folks....whatever) then headed to the DPS office to update my driver's license. Got a shiny new picture taken (ack! At least I washed my hair....) Stopped at the local insurance office to add J. to the auto policy and get a copy of the insurance (since I couldn't find my current proof of insurance).....whew.

Then, we headed back to our county. Got pulled over for speeding - but J. knows everyone (he was driving), so only got a warning. (Thankfully we had current proof of insurance! *g*). Went to our county Tax Office to get the current van tags and change my name there....then headed to the Post Office.

I did NOT go mideval on them. The clerk was nice and sympathetic, so I was only mildly snarky. (J. was upset at this - hey, she's nice to me and has carried packages out to my car before. I'm not going to ruin a good thing just because I was inconvienienced. Or however you spell that...) Got everything worked all is good.

Went to Himself's school to dicuss him..he's bored. Totally bored with 1st the counsellor and J. and I agreed to let him do 2nd grade work when he finishes his assignments (to the tune of $56 in workbooks that *I* had to provide. Ah, well....whatever works, yes?) If this proves too easy,
we'll move on to 3rd grade work....(yeah, I realize this is all going to backfire when he hits the next grade level, but what else can we do? They won't promote him up untill 5th grade; they won't move him into AP classes until 3rd (but they're called "POST" classes - whatever); he's already in the GT (Gifted and Talented) program, so what else can we do? Private school is *way* out of our budget.....) He's happy as can be with this - he picked out 2 workbooks (2nd grade math and reading, and 2nd and 3rd grade science) to play with....we'll see.

Then, it was time for lunch. Tea Room on the Square. $37 for.....not a whole lot, but the desserts were decent (so was the food, but I make a better chicken salad....) Ah, well - the atmosphere is quaintly Victorian, the servers are awesomely was OK.

Then, on to Herself's school. She is failing math. :sigh: Why? Not because she can't do it (she's GT too...and in a POST class) but because a) she's too fast and sloppy, so she forgets to put "$" and you can't read it and b)she finds the homework so easy that she doesn't do it. :bigger sigh: We've got a tentative game plan in place for her, too.....Calligraphy to improve her handwriting (my idea - hope it works!) and re-doing any work *I* can't read. (And I can read doctor's this will be interesting!) Got her a math workbook, maybe this'll help. It'll be the first time she's NOT made the Honor Roll.....maybe she'll wake up and straighten up now.

At this point, we hit the house so I could fit in a short nap. I needed it! Then, we picked up the kids and headed to the local Mardel's (the ONLY place that sells educational stuff within 30 miles) for the workbooks (and Christmas present ideas)...then dinner and home for homework battles and baths.

SO, no warping action occured yesterday. Little progress on the shawl front as we waited for various teachers, but not a whole lot. Icemaker on the fridge died..gotta pay the warranty before I can call for service (again - this will be #4. Think Sears needs to provide me a new unit...) Not a whole lot else to report....some hair stuff, but I don't wanna bore the masses (need to ping the LHC mods to try and get back into my hair journal. :sigh:)

OH - and is anyone out here on my FL near NH? I may need a favor.....compensated, of course.
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