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Happy Halloween!

And what a good day it is, too (well, except for the stupid disagreement J. and I are currently involved in, but that'll blow over by tonight. Ah, well......)

Why is it a good day? Maybe because of this:

Ya think? Got it for a steal, too......let's just say that it's going to cost more to pack it and ship it than I paid for it. *g* It's an antique Candian wheel - the seller called it a "flax" wheel, but it looks suspiciously like a standard Candian Production wheel to me, what with the 30" drive wheel, the cast iron treadle......heh.

I've been looking for a Production wheel for a while now - this one has been listed on eBay 3 times. I'm pretty happy with it - the seller says she had it checked out 10 years ago and it's in working condition, will spin (or so says the spinner who evaluated it for her), and it's Mine. All Mine!

Now, to get it here! darkeros, ping me so we can get together on this, OK? I'm waiting to hear back from the seller so we can coordinate stuff.
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