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About Heat wave.

Previous Entry Heat wave. Jul. 15th, 2004 @ 03:34 pm Next Entry
So. It's over 100 degrees here in Texas-land....and the A/C in our office building went out. Last night. The management didn't think to put up a note or anything.

I got there early, and noticed it was already *hot*. (7 AM. No, I don't normally get there *that* early, but the kids are at my MIL's, and my boss and I didn't carpool this morning. I forgot how much time the freeway cuts off my commute). Hmmmm. Well, thought I, maybe they don't leave it on all night; maybe they turn it on at 7 or 7:30.

Yeah. By 8 AM our thermometer read 85. By 9 we were well over 90...and climbing. The manager came by and said, oh, guess you noticed the A/C is out...we ordered a part, but have no idea when it'll get here. Thanks a bunch!

By 10 we were miserable. Boss asked owner if we could leave early......we must be crazy. He told us to "drink lots of cold water". Ummmmmmmmm, yeah. By 9 I had already injested 3 bottles of the stuff. I was so hot, I quit sweating.

He called back at 11:30 and magnamiously said we could leave, IF we'd be sure to make up the time. Yep. Sure. Uh Huh. He's got dementia, so he won't remember this tomorrow, unfortunately.

So, home we went. I had to stop for dog food (for some reason, the dog kids think they deserve canned food), so spent some time soaking up the A/C in PetSmart. Got home at 1 and crashed.

I just woke up and am still groggy. Slurping down iced tea and water....think I'll go off the diet tonight and grab a DQ Blizzard on my way to the VBS meeting at church. At least the headache is gone!

Now, off to unload the dog food and feed all the critters. The horses will enjoy eating early today, I'm sure. Although the water trough baths I've been getting would sure feel good right now :grin:
Current Mood: groggyand hot
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