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So. Halloween. It was OK - the kids enjoyed the Halloween Harvest Carnivale (at the Baptist Church - need I say more?), they got lots of loot, so all was well. J. (stupidly) continued the disagreement.....seriously. Drop it. Just - drop it. Life is too short to keep harping over stupid, petty shit, y'know?, my night was muchly not fun. Ah, well - no one got hurt, the kids were good, so all is right in the world.

Measured the growing mane - 23.75" 3x in a row. That's a .5" gain in, what - 2 weeks?! Not sure if it's the biotin (10,000 units/day), the Evening Primrose, the prenatals, or the Horsetail fern, but whatever - I'm happy with it.

I'm loving my Wenge-wood hair fork - it slides into the hair without grabbing, it's pretty secure, and it's lovely. So much so that I bought a 3-prong fork from the same seller, only this one is.....Paduak. I love paduak - it's a lovely, rich, reddish-colored wood that gets darker (almost burgundy in some cases) as it ages. That should look lovely in my blonde locks.

I'm seriously considering another Cassia treatment this weekend. We'll see how the weekend goes - but probably Sunday afternoon. My hair is still soft and shiny, but I'd like to up the gloss a little bit.

I'm still oiling the ends with coconut oil every evening, then braiding it and oiling the length of the braid. I can tell it's grown - my braid is noticably longer now - not thicker, which is sad, but it's longer. Ah, well - at least my hair will never give me a headache from the weight, no matter how long it gets!

An aside - Evening Primrose is a wonderful supplement. It helps relieve PMS symptoms (especially the cramps - boy hidey, does it help with that!), it helps the hair to grow, (can) make the boobs grow. Seriously - I went from a C- to a D-cup (:shock:), and the only thing I'm taking that has this side-effect is Evening Primrose. Heh.

My newest wheel should be winging its way here by Monday or Tuesday - the wonderful, kind, and thoughtful darkeros is supposed to pick it up Saturday.....I'm hoping it's not so wonderful that he decides to toss a couch out the door and keep it. *g*

I'm trying to get my stuff together for the demo next weekend. Need to haul along:

1) wheel
2) fiber to spin (at *least* 8 oz!)
3) spare driveband material
4) niddy noddy
5) kate
6) inkle loom (gotta get it warped....maybe for card-weaving? Must think..)
7) RH loom (again - gotta get it warped. I'm thinking table runner in cotton.)
8) table loom - 12H (and, again - gotta warp it.)
9) bobbin winder
10) shuttles for the looms - 2 stick, 1 boat
11) extra bobbins
12) yarns for display
13) handknit/woven items for display
14) fiber notebook to show other yarns/dye samples/fibers

I *think* that's it - I'm off on the 10th, so I plan on getting everything together and ready to go then. (Do NOT tell J - he'll want to take the day off, too, and then there goes my free time. I'll tell him on the 9th, when it's too late for him to get off of work. Seriously - we do NOT have to spend 24/7/365.25 together.)

My glasses broke today - I lost the screw that holds the left lens in. Fun - it'll hold for a while, then "pop" - out it comes. Very aggravating!

OH - and I got a ROAK! A lovely card from Angela - Thanks so much! I needed that yesterday!
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