Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


the Christmas prezzie I ordered J. yesterday? That was coming from S. Carolina? Via DHL ground?

Arrived *today*, right around 10 AM. :blink: Wow doesn't begin to cover it!

Also, I got my paduak hair fork last night - double wow. This one is a 3-prong....I've only used 2-prong ones before, so it's a bit different, but I love it. The wood is a gorgeous reddish-orange color, which sets off my blonde hair wonderfully well.

So well, in fact, that J. says we will go to Woodcraft Supply this weekend and pick up some more wood for him to make me some new toys. *g* Let's see...more paduak, purpleheart, gabbon ebony, snakewood, cocobolo.....he has *no* clue what he is in for! (I loves me some exotic woods! The more colorful, the better!)

My mother's house was robbed this AM - a neighbor saw the perp leaving the front door; he got into his car and chased him to a nearby subdivision. He *did* get the plate # and a decent description, so that's good. She'll probably be borrowing the Lucy-nator to protect the rest of her stuff....this will make Herself upset, but will please the Zoey-monster. :sigh: Less dog fights = happy fiberaddict, but I gotta think of how to console Herself. Maybe put it as a "security job" instead of a "we gotta get 1 of the bitches out of the house before 1 of them gets killed" thing. (and yes - the fights have gotten bad. Not lately, but then I've been basically ignoring all the dogs the past few weeks. I need to remedy that....)(To forstall the inevitable pet abuse lines: YES, they are getting fed and watered. Just not a lot of pets. We don't get home until 6:30; bedtime is 8:00. In that 1.5 hours, I have to fix supper, supervise homework, feed the dogs/horses/goldfish, wrangle bath times, and put the kids to bed. Yes, J. helps - but still, we've only got 1.5 hours. We haven't been home the past few weekends.....hopefully that'll slow down after next weeks demo. I hope.)

Choir practise last night was fun - cool songs, I got a duet in a few weeks, and a secret solo (well, I'm doing descant to a duet. Call it what you will). Our pastor has an incredible voice - we're trying to get him to come back and sing *with* us.......heh. We'll see. (Small country church. We can do that)

Still working on the shawl. Haven't touched the warp in almost a week. Need to get back on J.'s socks; I also need to finish a sweater for Himself that I started...oh.....2 years ago (4 sizes too big. I am smrt!) Also need to put the finishing touches on the Christmas prezzies I did over the summer. Ah, well.....
Tags: blather, hair, kids, knitting, pets, shawl, weaving

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