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Weekend Update


Previous Entry Weekend Update Nov. 6th, 2006 @ 02:42 pm Next Entry
I had intended to update this daily, but LJ's problems kinda nixed that idea. Oh, well.

Date Friday - OK. Lots of talking. Worked out a few kinks. Good food.

Saturday - Took kids to doc. Himself has an upper respitory thing going on (viral, so...no drugs). He threw a fit over the flu shot, but got it anyway. Herself was perfect, no arguing over the shot at all. Plus, she's not upset that I just set her up for 3 more shots (the HPV vaccine. I think it's very important that she get it, even if I have to pay out of pocket for it.)

Hit Woodcraft Supply for wood for more hairforks - we got a 5 pound bag of pen blanks for $14. Most of it is usable - they'll have to be split - the blanks are long enough, and wide enough, but about double the width we need. It was a grab bag - there's paduak, purpleheart, oak, and.....lots of other woods in there. Great price, and I'll get new hair toys soon!

Then hit the hospital to visit one of J.'s friends. She's not doing too well....I don't think she'll be coming home. :sigh:

Sunday: Church, then home for a nap (me) and McD's (kids - ick. I'll pass on the gastric upset, 'kthanx). Dad came over and we had chili (yum! From scratch, of course!!) - he brought me a copy of the new hymnbook. Tons of songs.....this'll be fun to go thru.

Did another cassia treatment last night. Thawed cassia is worse than fresh, IMHO. I added an EO to it, to help the smell (Freesia)....instead of freshly processed grass, I had freshly processed flowers. Urk. Hair looks good, though - so it's worth it.

All for now!
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