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Weekend was busy, busy, busy.

Friday - J. was the only mechanic at his work. 1 of the boss's is...well, an asshole. I won't go into it - it's not relevent to my blog, but I'm not happy with them.

Saturday - went to Pastor's house @ 10 AM...didn't leave until 5 PM. I fixed a 7 pound batch of chili....brought NONE of it home. O_o. Glad everyone loved it - but, still - *7* pounds?? Gone????

The greenhouse frame is finished - all that's left is the door and the plastic siding. Pastor's wife was already installing the siding when we left *g*..we'll go back sometime in Dec. to put in the door for her (unless she goes ahead and does it herself - I wouldn't put it past her!)

Sunday - Thanksgiving service at church. AM service was "normal"; we had choir practise after - it was interesting (and that's all I'll say about *that*) We headed back to church @ 5 PM to get ready for the combined service - we were hosts this year, and the Baptist church did the service - except (supposedly) the choral part. (Hence our choir practise). Turns out, they cobbled together a we did a Prelude, and they did the anthem (well...sorta. I will NOT get snarky here....but we were better. *eg*) A few more interesting moments, but it all came out in the wash. Dinner was good - we cooked 4 turkeys, and the congregation brought the veggies/salads/desserts. We had food coming out our ears! Very good, very tasty - and I have some new tricks for turkey and ham.

Today....called the dentist for Himself. Turns out they will probably not do anything next week - I'll have to take off again. :sigh: He broke another tooth yesterday I don't know what else to do. :bigger sigh:
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