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Previous Entry blargh.... Nov. 22nd, 2006 @ 01:25 am Next Entry
Himself slammed his finger in the door today at school. Nurse doesn't think it's broken, but it's slightly swollen and red. She iced it; I've iced it and given him Motrin. Fun stuff.

Slow day today. I finished J.'s hat, and got back on the shawl. Wrist is killing me. I need to get back on his socks, but can't handle the teeny-tiny needles. :sigh:

My hair, at it's longest point, is hitting the *bottom* of my bra strap. This is cause for celebration - even if it does *boing* back up to midway between shoulder and BSL when I let it go. That's what I get for being happy with my curls!

Turkey day will be spent with the ILs. She's cooking - not me - which is great. We'll go, pig out, then leave the kids and make our escape. Just think - a full weekend with NO Kids. Wow. We're taking a short trip.....
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