August 7th, 2004

me: portrait

Long Day...

Whew! I have spent the last 8 hours mowing my yards. Yes, 8 hours. The front only took about 1, but I was on the Kubota. My neighbor with the cows came out and borrowed it, so I went to my other neighbor and borrowed his riding mower to do the back yard. (The idiot that put up my back fence made the gate 1" too narrow for the bush hog to fit - after I told him my tractor HAD to fit into the yard

I also burned out my weed just wasn't up to the strain, I guess.

Good news is, I found the swingset! I wasn't taken by aliens like we thought - the strange sculpture they left turned out to be the swingset - it was covered in grass. This stuff grew 9" in 3 weeks.....urk. I also found the A/C unit.

While doing the grunt work, I made some decisions. I need to get rid of all the stuff that don't make me happy. I've already started - I got rid of the china we got as a wedding present - it was fuguly. Really - neither of us liked it. But, it was a gift, so we kept it and used it (8 years....of ugh.) I replaced it with mismatched Fiestaware, which fits my life a lot better.

So, I need to find a clock reel. I have an Ashford skeinwinder,'s asthetically unpleasing to my eyes. It's new, only assembled and never used,'s too modern looking. (Yea, in a brand-new house and I decide I want to furnish it with old stuff. Go figure). I need to find it a new home, and I guess I need to count my pennies and hit some of the antique stores.....or maybe Ebay. I'd rather get one from someone I know, but if you know what it is, you want what it's worth.

I was able to find a new home for my umbrella swift - that's another thing that wasn't as nice a fit in my house as I had thought it would be. I have a squirrel-cage swift on order from Alden, which makes me smile everytime I see the picture. *That's* the kind of stuff I want in my house. Not necessarily expensive, but pleasing to my eyes and spirit. (And yes, this took me 8 hours to come to this conclusion. I'm blonde, what can I say?)

I also need to go thru my stash....I don't remember what I have, and I have fibers all *over* my studio space. On top of the loom, even, which makes it hard to weave. (Not that I've done much of that lately, but still...) Plus, I have a few more pounds coming from my pastor.... I have *got* to quit begging fleece! And, I need to find a processor...I will *never* get all this stuff carded -not in this lifetime, anyway!

I'm stalled on Himself's sweater. I'm up to the bottom of the tractor, but my wrist complains every time I even *look* at the needles. At least I can still spin and weave!

Must go feed the dogs, then move the sprinkler - the kidlets are in their swimsuits waiting impatiently for me to get off of the 'puter. Slavedrivers....