August 8th, 2004

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What a weekend....

I'm bushed. After all the mowing yesterday, you'd figure I'd take it easy today, right? Nope, not me!

After church, I tried to nap a bit, but ended up moving some stuff around in the studio. THEN, I decided that the dogs were just too filthy, and must be bathed. Right then.

This would not be a problem, if I had normal dogs. Unfortunately, I don't - I have the super-duper extra-large variety of dog. I also made the brilliant decision to wash them in the front yard, instead of the back, since there is more shade out front. That was rather stupid of me....(FYI, they will *not* in any way, shape or form, fit in my tubs. Even if they did, there is not enough room in either bathroom for me and a large wet dog. It just won't work. Trust me on this one.....)

Lucy was the first victim. She was excited with the whole leash thing, thrilled with the going out the front door routine, OK with the tie me up to the fence thing, but decided it was not fun when the water hit her. The fact that the water was being manned by Himself may have had something to do with it......anyway. She was ok for the soap her up and rub into a lather part of it, and was stoic during the rinse down. She took great delight in spraying all of us when we were done.

Bailey....what can I say. He's a big, dumb lug. Pulled out of his collar twice, but is too stupid to figure out he can walk right thru the front gate. After 20 minutes of aerobic exercise on my part, I tossed in the towel and let him back in the house, still one of the unwashed minions.

The Zoeymonster was good. Not too thrilled with the water in the face routine, but enjoyed the soap suds - apparantly, flea shampoo is a delicacy. I took over the rinse cycle, then we walked around the front yard to dry.

Baked a cake for the kidlets (which got demolished quickly) and *finally* finished my bloomies. (Yes, they have elastic now! They ARE wearable!!!) next up is baths and spinning.....maybe. Depends on how fast the baths are.

I will get back on the exercise thing tomorrow. I need the break!

Oh, rant for the day: I hate beginners that think they deserve free lessons and provide strangers with way TMI.
me: portrait

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