August 9th, 2004

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Well, I did it. I really did it this time......I just spent a shitload of money. I needed to - there's no doubt and no question about that, but *still*....

I just bought.......a Dyson vacuum. No, not a red one , but still. Lots of money. I'm still in a slight state of shock. And, the kicker - I went cheap and bought a factory refurb. Yes, I thought a lot about it. Since my dogs tend to clog up vacuums at an alarming rate, I couldn't see spending full price on one...and this is still cheaper then the Hoover I killed (within 6 months, ass american crap!)

This was not a spur of the moment decision. I had decided, oh, about a year ago, that I wanted to buy a Dyson. I've seen a lot of good, positive reviews about them, and when they became available stateside, I began to lust after one (it's a pretty sad state of affairs when you lust after a non-red vacuum!) But, I couldn't justify the expense.

Until now....I gave my mother the Hoover. It still works, and works well, but......I would vacuum maybe 1/2 of the entry hall and have to stop and unclog the rollers. Or empty the canister because it would quit sucking. She likes it - and with only 1 cat, it should work wonderfully for her.

Normally, I don't spend that kind of money on something for myself, especially if I can get a like-item for less. (Spinning wheels do NOT count - AA is the only wheelwright I will hand money over to, and will remain so for the rest of his lifetime. ) I can sort of justify this - Himself has severe asthma, I have a rather large fiber collection (not a stash, no, not me; it's just a collection, not even a large one, I'd say more of a medium-smallish one, honest!) and the aforementioned extremely hairy dogs. Dyson has a very good following....and my experience with Hoovers and such finally pushed me over the edge (well, that and the fact that I am tired of eternally *sweeping* this damn house! I love my house, but it's all laminates, and they show every speck of dust and dirt. Carpet hides a lot of sins....)

So, yippee! I have a new vacuum. We'll see how it works....
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DVD Review et al

So. Went back to the Doc today for a follow-up on the wrist. Still pain, still he gave me (yet another) cortisone injection. The pain in the finger knuckle is subdued, but still there. However, my son can now grab my hand to cross the parking lot, and the pain is bearable. So, it's better.

DVD - I got "Tribal Basics Vol. 1" from Fat Chance Belly Dance. All I can say "WOW". It's not an exercise tape - but I expected that. It is a basic lesson. And it's very well done. It's not the same type of dance that the twins do - it's called Tribal Fusion, and is more, for lack of a better word, earthy and natural. Empathsis is on the hips, mostly, and she talks about how women's hips are supposed to move.

The instructor is filmed facing a mirror. You don't have to swap sides in your head to do what she's doing. She explains the movement, demonstrates it, then she and 2 students *do* it.

What I liked best: they aren't skinny little things, like the twins. These women are just that - *Women*. With bellies - I'd give good odds that at least 1 of them has had children. In fact, the blonde is shaped pretty much like *me*.

Her explanations are clear - I finally understand belly rolls now. Still can't execute them, but I know *know* how they are done, and what they are supposed to look like.

What I didn't like: Some of the movements are painfully slow for me. Especially the arm movements, but I have problems with them right now anyway due to the wrist. Some of the movements are a little too fast for me to do right now - the hip shimmy is one. She starts out nice and slow, then all of a sudden is up to full speed (which, granted, is still slower then the twins!), and I don't recall hearing her warn you.

All in all, I like it. I can see that it will become one of my favorites to "work out" least until I master it. :-) Then I'll get vol. 4 (or whichever it is)....2 is makeup and costume, 3 is zills (which I am planning to get).