August 21st, 2004

me: portrait

I'm tired.....

it's been a busy day. Started out with a doctor's appt for Herself, then to Thrall-mart to refill the Ritalin and pick up some groceries, then home...where my Dad met me at the door with a new light fixture for the studio.

BUT, before we could even get started, Orkin showed that out of the way, and started replacing the light walks my in-laws. With lunch. (I love my in-laws!)

Finally got the light installed, ate lunch, then installed the stained glass panel in my son's window. His window is on the front of the house, and has an arch over it - very hard to design a window treatment for that stupid arch. So, I took the easy way out and had my FIL make a panel to put over it. :-)

Thanks to one of the FRAOK folks, who showed pictures of her yarn stash, I figured out how to organize my studio - crates! Yippee - I should be able to get them assembled and filled with yarn this week. Then, I can put the fabric stash and the wool overflow in the armoire that is currently housing the yarn.

I also figured out how I'm going to do the kid's bathroom (fish!!) and how I'm going to do the wallhanging for my bedroom. I've had the design forever, but was stuck on the background.

It's going to be a quilted interpretation of a midieval tapestry - one of the 5 senses. I had already drawn up the main pieces, and figured out how to applique them, but was hung up on the background - these tapestries have that lovely floral background. I didn't want to use a solid piece of fabric, but couldn't quite figure out what I *did* want.

Now that I've decided, I feel like smacking myself - it'll be in 9-patch blocks, with the fabrics all being the same color, but with different designs. Tone on tone - I'm thinking burgundy, since the originals look that way. Of course, I checked my fabric burgundy to be found. *sigh* I guess I can't start until I hit the fabric store next week....

Got a little bit of knitting in during the wait for the doctor. No spinning since.....well, sometime last week. My wheels are calling me.....and let's don't discuss my loom. It's gone *way* beyond calling - it's leaving obscene messages for me now, threatening all sorts of horrid things. Guess I should go throw the shuttle a time or 2 to shut it up.....