August 23rd, 2004

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Better living thru modern medicine...

Today was cortizone injection #8 (or is it #9? I can't remember). Not fun - that stuff hurts going in and stings for a good while after...but, ahhhhhhhh, the sheer bliss when it kicks in and the pain disappears!

Priced futon's bad enough that I actually tried to figure out how to get rid of the stench on the one that came with the futon. Ugh. Then, I got smart - I figured out how to make one, for way cheap. I already have a heavy twill fabric for the cover, and a queen size wool quilt batt (many many many years old, but hey - it's free! And still lofty!), so all I have to actually go out and buy will be a foam pad (for the "base") and a long zipper. Although, maybe I'll just sew it on, then make a cover for it out of a pair of sheets....if I do *that*, I don't need a zipper right now. *pondering*

Anyway, knitting is out right now - the injection site hurts. I did get the first sleeve cast on and knitted up about 1". It will go lots faster than the body - no intarsia!!

That's it for me - think I'll try to nap....even though my desk is uncomfortable. The lack of pain is a great sleep-inducer!
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