August 27th, 2004

me: portrait

Little progress on the sleeve....

but we actually got some work today! took all of 30 minutes to knock out the first batch...and we only have 3 corps we're doing the books for. *sigh* Monday, at least, I'll have something to do.

Got a little further on the sleeve. My needles keep slipping out for some reason - they're metal, not bamboo, which may be a factor.

Also got to exercise a little bit last night - man, I can *not* skip nights ever again! I'm still sore...but I'm planning on doing it again tonight. The daycare lady can just live with my furballs and dustbunnies (which are now breeding some weird super-dust-creature babies in the corner of my studio). *g*

I do have to mow tonight, though - the grass is getting up there, and it's supposed to rain. I love my Kubota.....maybe I'll do the back yard tonight. The Kubota can mow wet grass, and my neighbor's riding mower can't. *pondering*

Have a great weekend, ya'll!