August 29th, 2004

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Just a quickie this AM...

Gotta get the kids ready for church.

Got pictures taken of the studio area - yarn stash and loom, plus a lot of my handspun. I'll try to code the pages this week - should have them done by Wednesday, unless we get more work to do (doubtful).

The weaving is moving along, and it made me change my mind about a future project. I hadn't gotten beyond the spinning stage, so it's'll just be woven instead of knitted (and I don't want to say too much more, just in case my friend reads this. She's awfully busy, but still.........)

Speaking of said friend, her next book is due out March 15. If you haven't checked out Liz Curtis Higgs's site, you're missing out. She's an awesome writer, and is wrapping up her Scottish Historical retelling of the Jacob/Rachel/Leah story from Genesis. Very good writing, lots of good historical research, and kilts! *g*

Must run - gotta get the kidlets dressed for church!
me: portrait

I'm pooped!

I had to stop 20 minutes into my 30 minute workout - I was at the point of total exhaustion. Guess I overdid it yesterday - workout, mowed the front yard, organized the front room, worked on the studio, wove a bit...then today we did church and 1 1/2 hours at Thrall-mart. Whoo.

The daycare lady never showed up yesterday.......**tch. She called today at 1:30 and left a message. Grrrrrrrrrr. Wasted day - I could have gone shopping yesterday. I would have spent way less money - the Wallyworld we go to isn't very busy Saturday afternoons, so I can breeze in, hit the grocery aisles, and get out. It was crowded today, which led to actual browsing.....which led to way too much $$$. Double what I had estimated....erk. Ahh, well - we should be pretty much set for the next 3 weeks (I normally only buy for 2 weeks).

Today was a good day creativity-wise. I finally got the design figured out and drawn up for my laundry room wall. I'll try to upload a picture of the sketch when I upload the rest. I like it...*g* Naked sheep guarding wet yarn and wool, and another sheep covered in bubbles. I got the idea from Tomie dePaola's "Charlie Needs a Cloak", but I drew this freehand. Now, to start on the design for the kids' bathroom......something fishy, I'm thinking. That should grow with them, unlike the Winnie-the-Pooh theme we have now. Plus, the walls are white....I hate white walls.

Other than that, it's been pretty calm today. Himself found Horatio Hornblower on PBS, and we *had* to watch it - "Mommy! Pirates!!! Look!!! It's a Pirate movie!!! We're watching it!!" I expected him to burst into sea shanties, but he refrained. *g* (He did, however, yell "Van AHOY!" when we were leaving church this AM...much to the amusement of the congregation. Ya think I'm raising a pirate?)

Must go cool down now. Those twins are Evil. Really. They should be shot.......they are way to peppy 20 minutes into the workout. That should be illegal. Plus they don't sweat. Evil, I tell ya!
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