September 5th, 2004

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Warp is wound...

chained, on the loom, and the first 5" are sleyed. Not bad for 2 hours work!

I'm tired, my feet hurt - but I'm heading in there now to sley some more (hopefully the full 10"). After church I want to thread the heddles and wind on.....take a nap, then *weave*!!

Sure is quiet with no kidlets, though....
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All warped up and ready to go!!

For those of you playing along, it took me 1.5 hours to wind the warp, 1 hour to sley the reed, and 1.5 hours (roughly) to thread the heddles and wind the warp. I'm winding my bobbins now (maybe 10 minutes each bobbin - but I'm not timing it, just sitting there vegging), then it's on to the boring part. *g*

Only had 2 broken threads - I didn't know that this cotton likes to cling to itself. The tension is awesome, though - so it should weave off quickly and easily (fingers crossed!)

I'm already planning my *next* warp......*g*
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me: portrait

I've been RAOK'ed!

Chrissie sent me some lovely stitch markers! They have li'l flowers on them - I'll have to hide them from Herself, or they'll disappear into her black hole of a room. *g*

Thanks Chrissie - they're great!