September 7th, 2004

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5 dishtowels are *done*

with 3 or so to go. The first 4 are standard 2/2 twill, with various "main" colors, the 5th one is mainly white in pebble weave. It's mine, since I broke 2 selvedge threads (and repaired them)(you can't tell, but *I* can) and Himself "helped" weave a few inches of it.

Would have gotten more done on them, but had to go get milk, dumpster dive#, cook dinner, referee the kidlets once they came know, the usual.

#Yes, dumpster dive. As I was coming home from the store, I saw a wood and metal futon frame sitting by the curb. I slammed on the brakes, whipped into the driveway, and got out. They had just put it out there (their door was still open) and they helped me load it on up. It's exactly what I was looking for when I found the all metal futon a few weeks ago. The "old" one is out by my curb; the "new" one is proudly ensconced in my guest/music room. Even my MIL was impressed with it.

Will try to weave at least 1 towel today....we'll see. I have to decide if I want to do another white in pebble weave, or a checked plaid, or or or....*g* It'll be pebble, because I don't feel like re-tying up the loom again.
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Bored at work..

so I've been planning my next towel. I'm thinking pebble weave (still), in a check pattern. Maybe - all the color changes may make me crazy. *g*

I've also been surfing......I decided a while back that I really want handmade stuff in this house. I got rid of my Noritake everyday china, and replaced it with mis-matched Fiestaware (OK, so it's not handmade, but it's bright and funky and fun!) So, now I've been surfing for mugs to replace the cheap Wally-world ones. I know what I'll be spending my "extra" cash on!

I have 3 hand-thrown mugs now (well, 4 if you count the one made for my DH). 2 (OK, 3) were made by the ever so talented PotWench (sadly retired from pottery, now *sob*!) - a dragon mug and my beloved Wench mug (and DH's Wench Bait mug - Himself will grow into it sooner or later!), and 1 I got from the Highland Games last year. I love them - I love the weight, the solidness, the realness of them. It's so very satisfying to drink tea out of one of these...and they feel less fragile then the store-bought ones. Guess I'll be doing some serious shopping at the Games in October - depending on the budget.

45 minutes to go.....can't wait to get home and weave some more! (Yes, it's an obsession. No, there's no cure!)
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