September 10th, 2004

me: portrait

bored at work....

so bored. Been browsing the RAOK ring - lots of cool people. Lots of cool color choices I wouldn't have thought of!!

Dishtowels are coming along nicely. Himself has decided that the table loom is *his* and has been weaving happily by himself each night. I found a used 4H table loom, and am in the process of arranging pickup/cash exchange - Herself is beside herself with excitement. It'll be *hers*, she says, since it's more like mine than the 12H. *snork* Boy, has she got a lot to learn! (Wait - she's too young for shaft envy!)

And Hey:

I'm still soliciting opinions on my next warp, guys! Somebody help me out here - do you prefer all white towels, striped, plaid? I'm on towel #6 of this warp (out of 8) so I need to get the next warp planned and wound.

I'm getting the quilting bug again - I found a few patterns that'll make great potholders. *g* More prezzies, I think. Just gotta get away from the loom and cut some fabric. Maybe tomorrow - it's the great lasagne fest. Someone at church has heard about my lasagne...and volunteered me to bake it for Rally Day tomorrow. *g* Mmmmmmmmmmm, I can already smell the garlic.......