September 19th, 2004

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Busy weekend!

I think I enticed a friend over to the dark side yesterday.

My friend Lady S came over so we could cut out some bodice pieces for her. While I was on the floor cutting out the leather, Himself sat down at the table loom and started whacking away. She got intrigued, so, little helper that he is, he *gave her a weaving lesson*. At 4 years old. I am still amazed.

Anyway, he showed her what to do, explained it pretty well (I did interject some "why's" into it) and let her go. She wove off the last 6 inches and wanted to know how much a table loom was worth, what she needed to get started......*g*, and *then*, went to the PG and started carding up wool. I think she's to haul her in! All in all, it was a good day.

Today, we picked up the 4H table loom. I had already wound a warp for it - Herself picked out the yarn and decided she wanted to make a scarf for one of the Grandmas. I'm not saying which one......*g* The really neat thing is, she picked out complementary colors - all by herself. This should be a very pretty scarf!

Himself is working on his 2nd piece - a nice blue with blue stripes whatzit that will be turned into pouches....I'm raising such a nice set of Renrats! When I gently told him that noone else in our family uses pouches, he replied, in all too serious 4 year old logic, that it was because they didn't *have* a pouch, and as soon as he made one for them they would use it. *sigh* How do you argue with logic like that?

He finally agreed that we could make soap now I have to make more soap. At least he's happy...and weaving!

Gotta go warp the loom so they will settle down and let me finish threading *my* loom. Sheesh - 3 working looms.......who'd'a thunk??
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The website has been updated again - Dishtowels v.1.0 are uploaded, as well as both offspring's current projects. And a thing on the Quilting page and some yarn. *g*

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