September 25th, 2004

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the loom was a hit

yesterday, but some how or the other the kids managed to snap 4 warp threads. This was acrylic, the type that comes in 1 pound skeins, and isn't that easy to break, but they managed it. I tried to repair the damage, but......gave up. Not only did we have broken warps (which, really, in the normal way of things isn't a big deal), but the tension on the warp beam was all screwed up.

Now, he's decided he'd rather make washclothes, on at least 8 harnesses, and get with it mom cause I gotta weave *now*. I think I've created a monster! Thankfully, I've got enough cotton yarn (3/2, I think) to set him up - he's not ready for the 10/2 yet. I'm glad I ordered him a boat shuttle - it should be here in the next week or so.

On my weaving front, I have the warp beamed, and have started dishtowels v. 1.2. All I can say is WOW. Burgundy and Blue stripes, with narrow (4 thread) white stripes in between; each colored stripe is approx. 2" wide and threaded in a different twill pattern. The weft is white; I'm weaving it roughly square and changing the treadling order every 2" or so, with 4 plain weave shots in between. (Let's see....for you knitters out there, it's sort of like doing a square of knit, then a square of purl, then a square of xx, all the way across, with a narrow row of something to delinate the change-over. Then, after 2", you do the narrow row of something and change the squares).

It is looking absolutly awesome, and much more complex than it really is. I will take pictures, but don't have FTP on this 'puter (and am on dial-up, so can't do much anyway). I will upload them Monday - promise! It's really awesome, and I can't wait to get them finished so I can warp up another set. (Yes, weaving is addictive, and once the loom is threaded it goes *much* faster than knitting. Eats up a lot of yarn, as well).
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