September 27th, 2004

me: portrait

Pictures!! I have pictures!!

Got the pictures uploaded and the webpages updated. Whee! *g*

Currently on the loom: click here

Sharp, pointy objects: click here. I don't think he has a website, but if I find one, I'll post the link. He really does nice work. Now, I just need to find someone to make me a pair of sheaths for them.......anyone have any recommendations?

There's some really cool shots of the twill sampler dishtowels. I love how they are coming out; Dad saw them on Saturday and is just amazed at the complexity *snork* Honestly, they are NOT complicated at all - I can knock one out in about 45 minutes (less if the kids aren't distracting me, and less if it's an easy to remember treadling sequence).

Also included pics of my weaving sweatshop.....*g*

I'm jazzed - I'm on dishtowel #4, and they are all looking *so* cool. I can't wait to get my yarn order in - I'll be able to make *me* a complete set, along with matching placemats, napkins, runners......*eg*

Actually, next up is a curtain in Huck weave for my studio. I'm in the planning stages on it now...I may just put another dishtowel warp on, but eventually I want a handwoven curtain in there.
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me: portrait


It was ballet night, and I managed to spin 4+ oz on the Joy. With help, of course - for some reason, the ballet "A" students are fascinated with my "yarning" and like to help treadle. *g* It's not my best yarn, but that's ok - the kids added character to it.

I'm set up to demo at the Highland Games in Bedford 10/9-10/10. There's only 2 of us in our tent, though - so it'll probably be there instead of the arts and crafts tent. The organizer wasn't upset by that, though - so it'll be fun. I need to dig out some wildly colored wool to draw attention.......

Tomorrow is doctor day. I have an 8:30 at the pain clinic, Himself has a 10:30 with his pulmonary doc, and I have a 1:30 with the Orthoped. Fun day. At least Himself and I can go to Purple Cow for lunch (a '50's style soda fountain/dairy bar) - should be fun!

I just need 1 more referral to complete their offer, and I get a free iPod! Thanks to all who have already done this - I really appreciate it!

I'm almost out of Chocolate Tea...hope Adagio Teas gets my refill to me quickly! I gotta have it in the mornings! *g* It's better than hot chocolate - for me, anyway.

Hmmm, the kids are quiet - must go see if they have fallen asleep yet, so I can go to sleep. I can't sleep if either one of them are awake - no telling what they might do! *eg*