September 28th, 2004

me: portrait


survived the docs. himself is doing great - his asthma is just about under control. *g* me....not so much so.

the pain doc is upset that i am not responding as well as i should. i have had more localized pain since the cyrogenic procedure than i had before. *sigh* he's put me back on every week instead of every 3 weeks. my orthoped thinks it's the radial nerve, and is going to ask workers comp if he can do something about it. *sigh* lovely. yet another procedure (for those playing along, i've had 4 procedures on this stupid wrist in the past 2 years, plus numerous cortizone injections - this one today was no 10 in this round of let's get rid of pain!)

fun! at least himself got good news....i can live with that. *g*

oh, and did i mention that i am having allergic reactions to the cortizone? i *love* itchies from the inside out...and the hot flashes. *those* are fun!

at least the weaving doesn't hurt - so i'm off to console myself at the loom. i'm on no 5......and have 3 more warps planned. *g*
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