September 29th, 2004

me: portrait

this is just too funny not to post...

You are a wench! Saucy and sharp tounged, you know
how to have a good time! Serving in alehouses
and taverns, wenches are notorious for their
healthy sexual appitite. Although very
flirtatious, you wont let any man take
advantage of you. With a fiery temper, you know
how to defend yourself and your ale!

What Renaissance Type Woman are you? (with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Ya think? I mean, just 'cause I'm a card-carrying member of the Wench Guild ? *g*
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me: portrait

it's a wednesday...

isn't it? wrist aches - not hurts, no it couldn't actually hurt, so that i could go to the doc again, it just aches. constantly. *sigh* must get more advil.

himself is so *sweet*. we got back to the house around 1:30 yesterday, and i was so exhausted that i had to lay down. he lay down with me for about 15 minutes, then told me "mama, you need to rest your hand. i'll go weave, ok? i'll be real quiet!" and off he went. he wove for about 30 minutes or so, then went to his room and played with his train set (i never did actually *sleep*, so i heard him wandering around the house.) i got up around 3, and he was back at the loom carefully weaving, trying to be as quiet as he could.

herself hasn't touched the loom since sunday - i had a feeling she wasn't really *into* weaving, just can't stand to be left out. himself and i bought some new yarn while we were out yesterday - that may spark some interest. we got her some bright rainbow sqiggly yarn, and some pastel rainbow cotton. himself picked out a slightly louder rainbow sgiggly (these are something by patons or lion brand - very soft, very textured) and some red/white/blue cotton - he wants to weave washcloths. i got some white cotton to use as warp - he wants it as weft, but we'll see. i guess my dishtowel obsession has rubbed off on him......we're all in trouble now!

my dishtowels are coming along nicely. can't remember which no. i am on - it's either 4 or 5, but no matter; they are coming along nicely. it's going to be hard to send them out, which tells me they are perfect for presents - i want to keep them all myself! i can't wait for my order to come in - then i can start on some keeper towels in colors to match my kitchen. yes, i'm obsessed. no, i don't want to be cured. *g*

it's almost quitting time - i'm ready! i can hear my loom calling me.....
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me: portrait

uh was report card day

let me back up a bit.

see, last year, we had lots of problems with herself. discipline, academic - problems. she was capable of the work, but refused to do it. she aced all the tests, just because she could, but getting her to do the homework was an exercise in futility.

so, over the summer, we put her on ritalin. that was the best decision we ever made!

so, today was report card day. SHE MADE THE A HONOR ROLL. i am ecstatic!

we went out for dinner to celebrate. *g*
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