October 6th, 2004

me: portrait

I dink I hab a code

and it sucks. My nose is congested, my eyes are scratchy, and my throat hurts. Thankfully, I have a canister of bubble gum and a cherry limeade to try and get me thru today.....I am taking Monday off to rest - the kids will be at my sainted MILs. Yea sleep!

Did a wee bit o'updating on the website. I'm too stuffy to try and remember which pages got hit this time, so go - browse! Have fun! Try not to spill the tea/coffee/soda on the floor, but if you do, don't fret - the dogs will clean it up for you. Watch out for the Zoey-monster, though - she can reach your cup, and she will help herself.

My loom is yelling at me - I haven't touched it since Sunday. I have a valid excuse - I've been carding up the dyed Columbia so I have something to spin this weekend at the Highland Games in Bedford. I decided to handcard it, because I haven't felt like dragging the PG out...it's bloody heavy! And it takes up the dining room table (it's the Deb's Deluxe model, and I love it!) I had forgotten how relaxing handcarding is, but it's also very hard on the wrists. Still, I love how the rolags look, and can't wait to spin them up. Won't my pastor be surprised when I hand him a skein (or 2) of yarn next Sunday! *g*

I think my Post Office hates me - I haven't gotten my Camilla Valley order yet. I know it hasn't really had time, but *still* - I want new yarn goodness! I want to be inspired to rip thru the rest of the never-ending warp so I can re-warp with new colors of nice, cotton yarn! I'm just impatient......*g*

I need to take an Advil for my head..........