October 7th, 2004

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I like being popular....

I really do. Let me back up a minute....

Herself is in Ballet, and her class is on Monday nights. (That sentance looks *so* wrong...) Anyway, after I was bored out of my mind the first week, I decided to haul my Ashford Joy wheel up there, so I would at least have something to do while Himself and I waited (1 hour!) for her.(I bring a movie for Himself, but he'd rather help me spin.)

So, a few weeks ago, I was merrily spinning away on some green Dragonhair, and one of the g'mas told me to call the local library - they are having a craft fair or somesuch in November, and she was sure they would want me to demo.

I put it on the back burner, but she accosted me this week (while I was teaching one of her granddaughters to spin) and I told her I would contact them. I called today....and they were ecstatic. They are sending me the paperwork, but they want me to demo.

So, I have on my calender Nov. 20 at the Library. Should be fun - if I can hustle up some childcare. *g* Hopefully (*ahem*) I will have my new AA by then (yes, AA - I'm talking about you!!)and can use her, otherwise my lovely Scottish wheel will do the honors.

I have, as previously mentioned, an Ashford Traveler and and Ashford Joy. Both are nice wheels, they work well, they spin OK....but they are not as efficient as my AA's. Yes, I am hung up on the efficiency issue - if I am going to be putting in the work to spin my own yarns, I'd like to do it with the least effort possible. However, if you are thinking about buying a wheel for the first time (or just bought one), please don't be concerned - my AA is not the choice for a beginner. You can learn to spin on her, but her drive wheel is pretty good sized - 22" (or is it 24"? Must measure her) and she's pretty fast - not something a beginner needs to deal with.

My Traveler has a 16" drive wheel, and the Joy has a 12" one. Both are easily mastered by a newbie, and will serve you for many years of spinning. A lot of spinners never outgrow them - and I haven't outgrown them, really. It's just that my time has become much more limited and the larger wheel makes more use of it. I make use of all my wheels...but I love my Scottish wheel the best.

Besides, she's pretty. *g* And very eye-catching, in a way the smaller wheels *aren't*. You notice her, even in a crowd. That's very good for demos. (Sorry the picture isn't better - I'll try to take some better ones outside, once the rain stops!)

Now, to figure out what I need for them.......must go thru the stash and see what I have that's eye-catching and soft. Maybe I should dust off the Visa.....
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