October 8th, 2004

me: portrait

Website updated-ness

Not a whole lot, but I got pictures of my awesome AA bobbins and how they compare to the average Ashford. Big difference....

I also uploaded some pictures of the dye experiment I did on the Columbia wool Sunday night. Fun stuff!

Plan A for childcare for the Demo in November was a bust - but I expected it. Now, we'll move on to Plan B....I have plans C & D, also...if D fails, the demo is out, so let's hope B, C, or D works.

I feel very strongly about demos. Our society has moved so far away from actually living, it isn't even funny. I've been part of a lot of spinner's discussions regarding the stupid things people say and believe, and it's sad. I mean, the first time you hear "Oh, I can't wear wool - you have to kill the poor sheep", it's funny...the 50th time it's sad. (Especially when the idiot is wearing leather.....)Or kids that don't know milk comes from cows, or eggs from chickens....*shakes head* We won't go into the folks that see my spinning wheel and say "Look - she's weaving!" ..or knitting, or my personal favorite - sewing! (I mean, c'mon - it has a *wheel*. The wheel spins. Shouldn't that ring a bell?? Sleeping Beauty, anyone??)

Demoing my spinning at least lets people *see* how yarn is made, and I usually have something handknit or handwoven (not necessarily handspun - most people can't tell, and I'm simply trying to make a point. I do tell them I didn't spin the yarn if it's not handspun, but most people don't care) to show a finished product.....and you know, most people don't even realize that the clothes they are wearing are made by the same techniques.

Ah, well - I'm glad I live in a rural area. At least the people have a slight clue out here - they either raise cows or know someone who does, so they can see the connection between animal = food. (Did you know that meat comes straight from the supermarket? Cows aren't involved at *all*. I was glad to learn this....from a young 20-something, yet). It's not such a stretch for them to see animal = clothing.

I need to start price-checking wool combs. I got a whole bunch'a alpaca heading my way, and can't find my mini-viking combs. Anyone got a set of 4-pitch (or better) they want to get rid of?? *g*