October 11th, 2004

me: portrait


Thanks, Anne, for the wonderful tea! I'll be brewing it up later tonight!

Today was a vacation day for me, but it wasn't restful.... Got up at 7 AM, grabbed Zoey, and off we went. Got the front end aligned (wonder if the Zoey-monster had anything to do with the speedy completion?), then headed to PetSmart for food-enhancement. They were so taken with her, they offered to give her a bath at the discounted rate of $25. This is excellent - if you've seen a wolfhound, you know how big they are - so I said YES.

While she was in the beauty parlor, I ran to the Fence Supply to pick up another gate transmitter...then back. I only had to wait 20 more minutes; Zoey and I then wandered around PetSmart for a few minutes to gather more minions. *g*

Then, home! The kids got home about an hour later, and we've been running ever since. I need to sit at the loom, but am still too tired right now. Maybe after supper.......

It's back to work tomorrow....fun!
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