October 12th, 2004

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Slightly happy news....

I talked to AA today. My squirrel cage swift is done and waiting to go out. My wheel, however........

Alden has gout. Sucks. He says he's getting better, but he's behind in the shop. He also told me more detail about how it sucks (to which I blinked and thought: And you know me from *where*?, but it didn't faze me - I just spent the weekend with Scots and No Sheep. Fired back a quick rejoinder. :smile:) which I will not detail - it's his tale to tell, not mine. :lol:

He is going to send me a new peg for my Scottish wheel - Yippee! I will be able to get rid of that ugly stick! I won't throw it away, though - I'll keep it to hopefully hold off Murphy's law. (I'm also going to make safety lines for the pegs - I've just about figured out how to attach them)

The kids doctor has the flu shot - Huzzah! We have an appointment for Saturday, so that's good. I don't have to call him to renew Herself's Concerta, I can just pick it up.

So, everyone wave 'em, or say a prayer, or think happy thoughts out to Alden, OK? I *really* want my wheel to come soon!
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