October 18th, 2004

me: portrait


Mattie (from Nature Knits) sent me a way cool knitted heart pin. Love it - Thanks Mattie!

Not much going on here..I can see the end of the warp! Hopefully I'll weave it off by this weekend..and can move on to something else!

I'd like to start on the shetland scarf, but until I get a swift, I can't use the handspun. *frown*. AA says it's done, just taking up space in his shop....hope he gets better soon so I can play!!! Until then, I must soldier on with commercial yarns. *sigh* Pity that my Camilla Valley order is here and I have lots of cotton goodness to play with.....in colors that will work with my kitchen....

Himself is going great guns on the washrags....gotta think up something he can do next! Keeping him in yarn looks like it is going to be a chore.....