October 19th, 2004

me: portrait

And...........we have a new spinner!

She came, she squee'd over the spindle (thanks, BJ!!) and went to town. Most of the first yarn was big, and bumpy, and lumpy, but by the end of the ballet class (1 hour), it was starting to thin out and become more even. I told her to try and find a 4-h'er to get more wool...I can't keep her supplied. Unfortunately.

I went thru my stash this weekend, and while I have a nice stash, it's not *that* big, and it's mostly fine wools. Not exactly perfect for beginners.

Himself took *my* spindle and had a ball twirling it. Every few minutes I'd take it, draft out more yarn to remove the overtwist, wind on, then let him go. A whole different take on "Park and Draft", no? *g*

Must get caffeine - today the boss finds out if her DH goes on dialysis or not. It doesn't look good.......AND I have to run to the ped's office to get Herself's prescription. Tomorrow is my EEG (or whatever. Needles in the nerve nodes. Fun!)
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