October 20th, 2004

me: portrait


had a doctor's appt this am. went in for an eeg or whatever it's called - it's the test where they first stick electrodes on you then run a current thru them and measure how long it takes for the nerves to react, then they stick tiny needles in the nodes and run the current thru *them*. fun.

especially when you consider that my left hand is all pins and needles since the cyrogenic block, and hurts if you even *look* at it. the doc kept taping the damn electrodes right on top of a trigger point...then saying "oh, does that hurt?'

also consider that part of the nerve system branches right where the worst of the tingling is....and he couldn't get a reading there. so he zapped it - at least - 23 times. in. a. row. increasing the current each time.

my left wrist is now a nice, swollen mess. i have ice on it, but it hurts more to keep the ice on it than it does to leave it alone. ugh.

i managed to pick up the fabric for the kids costumes. 2 costumes for under $10...not bad. will sew them up on saturday.

sunday i get to haul my wheel out to my mother's church. should be fun. himself wants to bring his loom and weave.......*g*

not much else to report. finished 1 dishtowel last night and got 1/2 way thru another. i think i only have a couple of yards left, then this warp will be finished. i hope so. i want to put on something different and start on my twill samples for an exchange. and dishtowels in colors for my kitchen. hmmmmmmmm. may kill 2 birds with 1 stone there - warp up a yard extra of my towels and, after weaving it off, cut it up for the 4" samples i need. only problem is that i need to do it in 1 twill, not stripes. could always cut off my towels, then re-thread.........must think on this a bit.