October 22nd, 2004

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The dishtowels..

are done! I ended up trashing the rest of the warp - I threw away probably 2 dishtowels-worth of yarn, but the tension kept getting worse and worse and I was tired of dealing with it.

Total tally: 10 large towels and 1 small rag (I'll use it to polish the wheels).

All that's left is to toss them in the wash to wet finish. *g* Pictures after they're dried and ironed.

My next project will be towels, again, but this time for my kitchen. Orange and beige 8/2 cotton...I'm thinking a color and weave effect. If it turns out nicely, I'll use part of the warp as my samples for a twill exchange some friends are doing.

Tonight I get to fix fence *again*. Apparantly, my neighbors' grass is *much* tastier than mine, and Dusty (the stud muffin) keeps going over there to help maintain it. I didn't have time last night...so tonight it is.

Tomorrow will be the costume marathon, and winding a new warp, and let's don't forget to mop the floor and pick up stuff. Sunday we're off to my mother's church (they want me to demo - whatever. Have wheel will travel!) then home to meet an old friend of Steve's.....he wants to borrow one of Steve's costumes; I hope he brings back my leather sewing machine. I have boots to be made that are stalled for lack of sewing ability. (Can't do it by hand - my wrist would revolt, I think. My regular machine would die if I tried to force 4 oz leather thru it....) Oh, yeah - and sometime this weekend we have to get the pumpkins decorated. Busy busy busy!

At least my Christmas presents are *done*!!!! Himself's are 1/2 done, I think...Herself isn't motivated. She keeps mentioning knitting, though - I'm glad Santa is bringing her a needlework kit. It has embroidery, knitting, cross-stitch, and crochet stuff. We'll see.......
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1 down...

I have 1 li'l sheepie bouncing around the living room, and another ready to be sewn up.

Fence is fixed.

Towels are drying.


Saw the neatest thing this evening while I was walking the fence. There is a creek that cuts across my property, about 1 acre from the property line. Whenever it rains, it overflows and creates large puddles in the pastures. Maybe they should be called small ponds - the one there now is about 15' across and 8' wide and...maybe 1' deep.

I had been hearing this odd chirping sound as I strolled along the fence line, but I didn't think much about it - I was too busy making sure the hot wire was intact. (Dusty kept me company as I walked..what a gentleman!)

Imagine my surprise when the ground in front of me erupted.......into a whole *fleet* of baby frogs. Tons. At least 50. All of them about 2" long. And Fast.

I ran back to the house and grabbed the kids - they were excited to watch them. Very cool!

Off to sew up sheepie #2.