November 14th, 2004

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Things I learned today...

knitting still makes my wrist hurt, and if I keep it up it causes swelling

trying to get 9 squirrelly kids to sing Christmas caroles a cappella is an exercise in futility.

even after 1mumbley mumble years, my fingers remember how to play the violin (I last played it seriously in 1987....*you* do the math!) OK, so there were some missed notes, but not as many as I had feared. I'm no where near ready for Carengie Hall, least the kidlets recognized (and sang along!) the caroles!

playing the violin *also* causes pain and swelling

if you pop a darvocet 5 minutes before tuning up, you don't give a shit about the pain and swelling, and can practise the 4 songs for the Christmas program for 45 minutes straight

of course, after 45 minutes, your whole arm will be numb, but hey - the darvocet is still in effect.

Going from the violin (which I can play) to the harp (which I can't) is extremely amusing. It also causes your wrist to swell in interesting areas.

After all of the above, it is an exercise in futility to try and paint the bathroom wall......

Oh, and pay attention when you eat or the Zoey-monster will grab the taco off your plate and glup it down in 1 bite (yes, this was Herself and she was at the bar)

Must go and make my wrist swell some more - Doc appt in the morning and I want it to look bad so he'll maybe DO something.
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