November 26th, 2004

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Why I hate LJ......

OK, so I had this huge entry ready to go.....had to look up something and when I came back to it LJ had eaten my entry. Ah, well - it probably would have bored you to tears.

To recap: Yesterday was wonderful, good food, great family, kids are still at Grannie's house. Prezzies are wrapped and Santa has been busy.

Hit Thrall-mart last night (didn't want to face the raving crowds this AM) and got groceries and new "curtains" for my room. Spent lots, but saved more.

The "curtains" are thanks to melancholia . She made some for her parlour out of polar fleece, and it sparked my imagination. See, my bedroom is the only room in the house with 3 windows. Not only does the glass get cold, but....when I bought the curtains right before we moved in, all Thrall-mart had 3 of (in a color I could tolerate) were these thin cotton/poly tab top things that you can see thru. I'm in the country, so it shouldn't have mattered, right? Except that the window next to my bed looks out at my neighbor's pasture...he goes out at night to check his cows. Sometimes it's at my bedtime.......urk. I don't like even the potential of someone seeing inside my bedroom. So, polar fleece sounded good!

Only, this Wally world didn't have any solid color polar fleece in a nice dark color; the fleece it had was priced from $5/yard up to $12/yard. Ulp. Nope, not for simple curtains.

I wandered over to the bath area (for the kid's bath) and gee - lookie here. Polar fleece throws. Queen size. $9 a pop. In dark royal blue. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. *g*

All I had to do was sew a casing at the top, and voila! I have nice, room darkening curtains on my windows. Very nice. I might trim them down a bit later - they are a little longer than floor length right now. Might not....

Today: Must finish winding my warp (240 threads out of 490 already done!), get it on the loom (gotta finish my twill sample first, but I've only got maybe 6" to go on it) and start weaving. Should be fun!

Must go feed me and the horses! They sound pissed off right now......
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