December 1st, 2004

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Random mutterings

Let's a phone call from the doc today. No, the insurance hasn't called back with an approval of the surgery yet - they will probably not call until late Friday or sometime Monday. OooooooooooK, the surgery is set up for *Tuesday*..what do I do? Simple - plan to take the time off, of course. *snerk*

Am waiting for callbacks from 2 freight companies. I have a list with maybe 10 more on it, but I can't get motivated to call them right now. I think it's because I haven't heard back from my marvelous, wonderful CA friend - she was getting in contact with one of *her* marvelous friends to see if they'd be willing to go look at the loom for me before I commit myself. It's hard for me to get agressive when things are so up in the air.

Have a massive headache this afternoon. Think it's because of the heat in this building - we freeze all morning, then sweat all afternoon. It's a veritable sauna in here right now.

Am on dishtowel #5. Don't like this weft yarn, but it's pretty and someone will love it. I *love* dishtowels - yeah, it takes a bit to get the loom warped, but once it is, you can bang them out in no time. Plain yardage goes even faster - you don't have to keep track of length, just weave away.

I'm stalled on the spinning right now. The loom is seductive.....and louder than the wheels. *g* Must get back to it, though - I want the Columbia wool off the bobbins and Out of my house. I'm ready for something a little more exotic.

Himself and I are going to try to get to the "local" weaving store Saturday. It's 40+ miles from us, but we'll be in that part of town, since my brother lives near there. He and his wife are taking Herself for the's a girl-y day from what I've heard. Manicures et al. Whee! Glad it's not *me*. *g*

Think I'll go rest my eyes a bit. Not nap - no, never that. Just rest 'em a bit. Got choir practice tonight, so won't be home before 8. Need to rest........
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