December 5th, 2004

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So...yesterday was a bust

of sorts. Spent too much money, and don't have a lot to show for it.

Left the house at 8....stopped and got the oil changed, and oh by the way, your inspection is due. *sigh* Yeah, go ahead......$108 later, we are back on the road.

Dropped Herself off at the brother's...the kids were more interested in his teeny tiny excuse for a dog (a v.v. small chihuahua. Did I mention he's *small*? He's not even the size of the Zoey-monster's head he is that small!). Finally got Himself out of there, and we were off.

Weaving store: Slight disappointment. It was smaller than I remembered (and I remembered *small*)...not a lot of selection in 8/2 cottons for sale. The only looms she had for sale were smaller ones, as well....unless I want to get a new one. She can do that...but. She's a Louet dealer, and had a smaller David loom's nice, but *way* too short. I felt like a giant sitting there...I mean, the castle was maybe chin-height on me while sitting. My knees hit the cloth beam....not a fun thing. It *is* quiet (it's a sinking shed loom, not countermarche, but it has Texsolve heddles and tie-up), weave on an angle. Very strange.

She had a Glimakra tucked back in a corner, but I couldn't sit at it. It was taller than my LeClerc, and v.v. solid looking. *sigh* I really want a Swedish countermarche!

Himself has exquisite taste in shuttles.....I told him I would get him and Herself both new shuttles, so we went to the shelves and pondered. He kept picking up Bluster Bay ones (I *LOVE* BB shuttles - they are all I'll use. V. expensive, though!)....I finally got him to agree to a Glimakra one, and we got Herself a Schacht shuttle - it has sheep on it.

We left there with the 2 shuttles, 10 5" bobbins for me, 2 pounds of an eggplant varigated cotton, 1.5 pounds of natural cotton, and .5 pounds of an electric pale blue 4/2 cotton (for Himself). Over $100, right there.

Picked up G'pa, went to Target where we got the last stuff to finish the fish bathroom, Home Despot for the cup hooks to hang the Christmas lights, Thrall Mart for timers....then dropped G'pa off and headed back to the Brother's apt. to pick up Herself.

We did stop at Petco for dog food -they are *way* too expensive! Never again.......$100 for a 2 week supply of canned food, 4 rawhide chews, and 3 fish tank things. Thrall Mart would have set me back maybe $60 for the same things. Oh, well - live and learn (and yes, I have a Petco card).

Herself had a great time - nails and shopping and food, oh my!. I'm glad - she needs time away from her brother. And I don't do manicures and such. *g*

Today the lady with the spinning wheel is coming out *here*. I spent 2 hours last night organizing the studio so I won't be embarrassed by the wall o'yarn, and so that the fiber stash wouldn't be as likely to pounce. After church I have to vacuum and mop....I want to squeeze in some weaving too. We'll see.................

Must go feed the horses! They're getting pissed out there.
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Well. The lady came out with the old spinning It was...OMG, it was an antique walking wheel, 90% there! It was missing the spindle. That's *it*.

2 spinning heads - 1 with a primitive Minor's Head, 1 original. All the turnings seem to oh wow. It's *huge*. I mean, yeah, I *know* they're big, but to actually *see* one, and get to touch

Turns out she also has a loom - a Norwood studio loom. Has no clue how to use it. heheheheheheheh. She saw my dishtowels and went bonkers. *g* I have a feeling she'll be back soon........

And, have I said Wow yet? *g*

At least my house is clean - except for the floors. I vacuumed and mopped really well this AM (I even got down and hand-scrubbed portions!).....then it rained. Mud city. The dogs had a party. *sigh*

Must get back to the loom so I can get more done before the (hopefully still planned) surgery on Tuesday. Up now: variegated weft in "eggplant" colorway. Way cool - *this* towel is *Mine*, all *mine*! *g* I think I'll use it for the bodice fabric I am planning...but I'll need to get some darker color for warp. Maybe purple? Black? This requires thought...