December 8th, 2004

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and another thing...

i found out yesterday ( before lj ate my entry....i guess i forgot to feed it or something) that the scheduling nurse didn't submit the paperwork until 12/3....workers comp has 3 working days (72 hours) to review it before issuing a yes/no.

let's see....12/3 was friday.....12/6 was was scheduled for 12/7...gee, no wonder i'm still in pain!

incompetence doesn't cover it. my swear like a sailor rants did...and made my boss laugh. (she taught me some new phrases, too......)

this am, the ache seems to have settled in the wrist joint. my first 2 fingers are numb numb numb, the thumb...well, "hurts" doesn't quite cover it, the last 2 fingers tingle, and the wrist spasmed all night. gah.

range of motion is still limited.

ah, well....i *will* be hearing from the doc today. i will also call the insurance this am to get the verdict personally, and we'll see where we go from here.

fun stuff......

i want to go weave a bit, but the rattling silverware noises would wake himself up early and i don't want that. guess i'll plan my next warp.
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me: portrait


i called the insurance this am, and found out that yes, the surgery was approved. the doc needs to file a "change of date" form. i called the doc, left a message, and waited. and waited.

the nurse knows we go to lunch at noon. so, when does she call? yup. straight up noon.

fortunately, the boss wants the bonus checks issued *now*. dated the 15th, but he wants them in his hands at 1:30 today. coolness. so, we were still here (i still am, my partner is picking up food as i write)

the nurse was surprised someone real answered. *heheheheheheheh*

so, we are rescheduled for *next* tuesday, time to be determined. the il's are coming back over, dad is ready to haul my sorry butt to the hospital and back, and all is well with the world.

except for the pain, but i'll just keep popping nsaids until sunday night. *sigh*
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me: portrait

lookie what i've been up to!

ok, so here's a shot of the current warp:

dishtowel dishtowel

dishtowel in 8/2 cotton; weft is same in colorway eggplant

*teehee* i *love* the scrapbook feature of lj.

*ahem* so, this is a warp of white 8/2 cotton. each dishtowel has a different colored weft; this particular one is in the colorway "eggplant". the picture does *not* do it justice - the colors flow into each other and seem to shimmer. lovely. the weave pattern is from the handwoven treasury - i love the way it looks. i'm in the process of planning a similiar warp for dishtowels to go to my friend to sell for me. (i brought davison's handweaver's pattern book to work with me today so i could play around)

and yes, it's the same warp as in my icon. *g* it seemed to scream to be turned into icon-y goodness, so there ya go.

i have plans for this yarn - i want to set it against a black warp, and turn the resulting fabric into a bodice. just need to decide on the pattern.......