December 17th, 2004

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bored've been warned!

sleep is a wonderful thing. i think i have figured out the proper benedryl to vicodin ratio (2 to 1) - i slept soundly all night. i'm still tired, but not exhausted.

i have the bestest friends, y'know? 1 who is hauling the monster loom down from ok for me - and let me tell you, this goes above and beyond! a normal-sized loom would have been a major deal; this monster is not normal. *g*

and, the morning lady at the daycare has gotten her hubby to agree to come out sun. to assemble the thing. whee!

of couse, i can't actually *use* it until the stitches come out on 12/27. i have contemplated a warping attempt, but since my left elbow is immobilized, i don't think it'll happen. (i saw the stitches yesterday... they start right at my elbow. no wonder it hurts to flex it!) i can't figure out how to thread heddles 1 handed....and i somehow can't see either child as a useful helper.

ah, well - soon as i find out the reed dent (spaces per inch for you non-weavers) i can wind a new warp. (there is some confusion as to the dents...they first told me 12, then said, well, maybe it's 10. 11? i'll count 'em myself *g*)

eventually, i'll order a few more reeds - i'd like to have an 8, 10, 12, and maybe a 15. and a 4...for my uneven handspun. (you can sley 2 or more per dent, which is easier on fragile threads then 1 per.)

and, as soon as the leclerc is gone (may it be soon - i have no room!) i'll be buying more harnesses - i want 8. for now. *g*

off to surf the web!
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