December 22nd, 2004

me: portrait

i'm dreaming of...

a white christmas.....yes, it is snowing. in texas. the temps last week were in the high 70' was 29 last night. typical weather this time of year, unfortunatly for us allergy sufferers.

*&^%^%$$# boss made us stay at work all day. even when the temps dropped from 34 to 30. his wife called to tell us how lovely it was outside....i gave her a mild bitch-slap, but it didn't make any noticable difference in her outlook. "yes, it does - to *you*. not to me - i have to drive 60 miles home this afternoon." "oh" she said "well, the roads are *fine*" "yeah, *here*" i snarkily replied. "but i live out in the *country*. 62 miles one way. there's not as much traffic out there. the roads will be bad." ".......let me have " she said, cluelessly.

and yes, the roads were bad. there is one major bridge on my way home - a v.v.tall overpass from 1 freeway to the main one into my city. i sat in the exit only lane for *20* minutes, watching a sand truck as he inched forward, slid back, inched forward, got stuck....i said f this and took an alternate route. made it back to the merge lane 5 minutes before the sand truck. the local grocery store ran out of milk and eggs at 5 lots of folks are sorry they waited to pick up christmas fixin's!

i was a bad girl yesterday...i placed an order at webs. like i needed more yarn....i did need more 8/2 i ordered *quiet voice* 8 pounds. in different colors. ahhh, well.....we'll live.

oh, and today i was reminded why i love my pediatrician. i had called in this morning to report himself's cough - it got bad last night. very wet and juicy sounding. i left a message for the nurse to find out if i needed to bring him in tomorrow morning, or would they just call in something.

the *doctor* called me back. we discussed the situation, the weather, and he decided to call in something. said it wasn't worth us getting hurt on the long drive in. think i'll keep him a while! (he's been the kids' doctor since herself's birth. he knows both of them v.v.v. well, and knows i don't call in for stupid stuff)

had to put a blanket on my stud-muffin tonight - he's 18? 19? anyway, he's aged, and he was standing there shivering while i fed them. so, he gets a nice, warm, weather-betta blanket in the ever so fashionable navy colorway to keep his old bones warm. he was much appreciative - i got a muzzle-full of sweetfeed down my neck in gratitude. *g*

must go start laundry - i'm out of sweats!