December 25th, 2004

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i love my loom....

it only took 3 hours to sley the reed and thread the heddles. ( reverted to my familiar ftd warping for this warp - why try something new on a new loom?)

it's cool that the heddles can be raised to a comfortable height for me. and the bench fits neatly inside the loom for ease of threading. and that everything wound on easily.

this warp will be napkins for us as well as a set of samples for a twill exchange i'm in. 8/2 cotton sett at 20 epi at 14" in the reed. mostly white with narrow rust stripes. i like how it looks.

i just need to finish tieing on in front, then away we go!

santa's been and gone, and left the kidlets some way cool stuff. ate the cookies, too. the family will converge around 11, and there will be food and fun and presents for all. *g*

merry christmas to all!
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me: portrait

bah humbug.....or

welcome to countermarche hell. if you'll just take a seat there, we'll be right with you to f**k up your shed. have a nice day!

let me back up a bit. christmas was wonderful. santa got the kids almost everything they wanted, the family got them the rest (and it was all non-expensive, so that was a plus!), the food was great, everyone pretty much got along....the dogs were locked outside and the water faucets all thawed out. it was a good day.

except for the loom. see, char told me that she thought we were bonding....*snerk*. maybe so - then.'s lucky i couldn't get it out the door before our bonfire died. (we burn trash out here.....all the wrapping paper, all the boxes, all the trash i had been saving - gone up in smoke. it was a pretty fire....while it lasted.)

i have tied the damn thing up 4 times. i have no idea how the previous owner wove on it - nothing was balanced or level. so, i undid almost everything - i left the jacks and harnesses as they were - and started over. and over. and *over*

the jacks won't stay level when i take the locking pin out. the lamms are all level, both the short ones and the long ones. the treadles are tied up at *exactly* 6" (i even got my quilting square out to be sure - don't laugh unless you can tell me *right*now* exactly how long 6" is. guys, i don't want to hear it, unless you can prove it to me, ok? and don't tell me that countermarche tie-ups excite you that much - i don't believe a word of it.)

the shed is weavable, but not big. right now, some of the tieup cords are loose - the locking pin is out; i think i'll try tightening those cords and see what happens. otherwise, i give up...for now.

the damn thing won't defeat me. if i have to, i'll buy the damn video. i don't know anyone in the area with a countermarche that would be willing to drive out here to i'm pretty much on my own. i have to master it - the jack loom is gone gone gone - or i can't indulge my weaving bug. or my dishtowel fetish. or my mil's dishtowel fetish - she took an unhemmed dishtowel and gleefully carried it off. wouldn't even let me attempt to hem it up, i wasn't allowed to touch it. *g*

off to munch leftovers, then it's back to countermarche vs. me....countermarche 3, me 0. grrrrrrrrrrrr.
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addendum to the last post....

ok, so i'm an idiot. i *knew* that the countermarche action requires weight...and like an idiot, i only tied up the 4 shafts needed for 2/2 twill.

the minute i tied up the 2 plain weave treadles, it was perfectly balanced and ready to go. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i have *got* to stop thinking like this is a jack loom. stupid mistake.

but, it's fixed *now*....just in time for bed. *g*

will weave tomorrow!
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