December 26th, 2004

me: portrait

okay, we have weaving.

the plain weave sheds suck, for some reason, but i don't care - i'm weaving in twill this go 'round. and the twill sheds.......are nice. not perfect, perhaps, but nice. big-ish (i think they could be bigger, but i'm not complaining.)

let's see....after church i had the bright idea of taking the kids to thrallmart to spend their gift cards. it wasn't crowded - that wasn't the problem. the problem? himself just *had*to*have* the lego x-wing. it was $35. he had a $20 gift card. So did herself; i had a $25 one. lots of arguing, discussion, begging (on my part)....he got the damned x-wing. (and yes, it is damned - you'll see). he gave me his $10 target gift card, and owed me $5.

herself fell in love with the (stupid) barbie cat from "princess and the pauper". well, the tag says it's a cat....i guess if you've never seen a real live persian, it might resemble one, but......anyway. it was $15. she gave her brother the $5, so theroretically he's i got a purse and houseshoes (my feet have been freezing lately. what can i say?)

neither of them *needed* toys.....they cleaned up. really well. santa provided (herself) a pottery wheel, an art desk, beads, (himself) toy tool set, dinosaurs, 2 dvds, (both) a bunch of books. then they got (herself) barbie clothes, needlework set, 2 ponchos, a coat and ski-pants set, binoculars, books, bunch of stuff i can't remember (himself) wiggles guitar, binoculars, clothes, lego star wars snowspeeder (my brother is a *saint*, a *saint* i tell you - he put the thing together, *with*a*headache* a saint!), legos, books, and a bunch of stuff i can't remember. lots of toys. bunches of toys.

me? some sparkly earrings, some sheep for the kitchen and tree, godiva chocolate, an electric can opener (works great, once i figured it out), and other stuff i can't remember. oh, and an absolutely, freaking fabulous kleenex box cover.......stained glass. green. with........a beautiful dragon. in leftover glass from my front door. it's stunning. and on my headboard - it was *supposed* to go in the bathroom...but nope. not gonna do it. he belongs on the bed.

anyway, they didn't need toys, but that's what they had to have. we got home....and himself asked me to assemble the lego x-wing. sure, thought i. how hard can it be????

well. 7 million teeny-tiny parts (only a slight exageration) it took me *3* freaking hours to put that damned thing together. no joke. he broke it the minute he picked it up. (i need more super glue. i am gonna glue that sucker together.) never again.....

so, that kinda ate into my loom time. i had planned on getting to it early in the afternoon, but the x-wing kinda ate the time. so, i slapped some cereal on the table and went to face the loom.

i tweaked the tie-up, did i say quiet? it is whisper quiet. the only thing you hear are the treadles banging together (i need to figure that out). the sheds are nice, not huge, but nice (more tweaking, i think)..but wow. i am *weaving*. on a countermarche.

i have no idea how the previous owner wove on it. the way it arrived, you couldn't have gotten a shed. at all. i had to undo almost everything and start from scratch. i also need to get more texsolv and anchor pegs......*g* my bargain loom is gonna cost me bunches before i'm done....(but it'll be an 8 shaft. i'm still coming out ahead..for the moment.) i need at least 2 more reeds, more texsolv, more heddles (for both the new 4 and the original 4 - i prefer 200/shaft, it only has ~100/shaft right now)..ah well.

stitches come out tomorrow! whee!!!!!!!!!!!