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January 7th, 2005 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About January 7th, 2005

For the Ladies... 04:20 am
(A disclaimer - I normally stay way the hell away from politics, because it's too touchy of a subject. This, however, concerns women in such a way that the news needs to spread, and spread fast)

OK, this is *very* important - even if you don't live in Virginia, think of the precendent this will be setting:

Chez Miscarriage

A short recap: Virginia has a bill that will be presented later that will require all women to report miscarriages - at any stage of gestation - to the police. WTF? I mean, here you are, you just lost a baby, you're bleeding, cramping, grieving, and you have to go to the Police Station to file a report?????

And, what about the very early miscarriages - the ones where you're not *positive* you were pregnant, just hoping, but...nope. The ones where you hadn't taken a test yet, because it was too early?

As one of the commenters mentioned, what about habitual aborters (yes, it happens - some women can't carry a baby to term for whatever reason - read up on infertility if you don't believe me)? Will they be marked and forced to quit trying for a baby that they desperatly want?

Spread the word, ladies - this one *must* be stopped.

Edited to add - here's another report, with wording of the bill in it:

Virginian Legislative Watch
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