January 8th, 2005

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My bedroom....

has been taken over by a gym. *g* I had called my in-laws last week to ask them if I could borrow their treadmill - I knew they weren't using it. Of course, they said yes - my MIL wanted to get it out of her laundry room - so I had to figure out how to get it over here.

My mother has a truck, so I arranged to borrow it today....but my FIL managed to squeeze it into his van, so he brought it on out and set it up. Now, I have to just *use* it........

I'm thinking I'll start out slow - 15 minutes in the AM, and 15 more in the PM. Should be do-able, and maybe I'll get my butt back where it should be. *eg*

Oh, and the Avon Sport mp3 player my mother got me? It works a treat. Only holds about 1 hours worth of tunes, but that's more than adequate for a workout. Worth the price - it has nice sound quality, and it's tiny. WIth an armband. Warning, though - the instructions were written by a 4 year old. From Japan. With limited English. Seriously - the instructions are lacking. They put the part about loading the mp3's on the player in the middle of the part talking about converting your CD files. And nothing about how to delete files from the player so you can load new ones. *shrug*

I still want an iPod...but I'm waiting until Ebay cools down. (The freeiPod site? Sucks - I have 10 (or more - haven't checked lately) referrals, and only 4 that have completed. I *know* at least 2 others completed theirs, but....and they put me on hold and won't answer my query. Whatever......) This Avon one won't let you randomize, doesn't have a LCD screen so you can see what track you're on...but it's ok.

At least my floors are clean...with my MIL coming over, I figured I better get all the mud off of the floor. With 3 sets of muddy paws, and it being monsoon season, they were pretty bad. Who'm I kidding - they were really bad. You might say they were black, even. *g*

My IL's also brought me 2 gifts- an indoor/outdoor thermomoter and an undercounter bottle/jar opener. And FIL installed them for me. Ah, I love those folks! I can now calmly suck on a beer while studying the outside atmosphere......*vbg*

Must go see exactly how out of shape I am.........then on to supper!
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