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January 13th, 2005


Still hangin' on... 11:33 am
but Mrs. Boss has called a Nursing Home and seems to be making arrangements. Bet that gets squashed when she gets to the fees involved, though.....she's a bit tighter on money than most people (it's not like she doesn't have enough!) *g*

Seriously, he's on a downward spiral, and the vultures are circling. Son #2 has already put a claim on the business; Son #1 assumes *he's* going to get it....I haven't seen the will, but our financial advisor keeps telling us it ain't gonna happen.

Can't wait for this party to start, y'know? *sigh* Fun does not enter into this scene. Whee....
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
The possessed iPod says:: The Corsairs: The Ship that Never Returned
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