January 18th, 2005

me: portrait

Hmmmmmmmm deeeeeeeeeee hmmmmmmmmmm

We're still twiddling thumbs here - Boss is hanging in there, but fading. We brought him lunch yesterday, and.....my. He looks bad. Really frail and bad. I'd give him 6 weeks at most, but will be surprised if he lasts 2, he looks that bad.

I have my twill samples done, but still on the loom. I need to weave off the rest of the warp so I can wet finish them and cut 'em up. Have to do it during the week, though - a friend of my co-worker wants me to come over and give her a quick digital camera and ebay tutorial. Since she pays well, I said I'd do it. *g*

I still love the loom, but I need to tweak the tie up. It not as good as it could be, I think.

My arm hurts if I try to do too much......but I have a stash of darvocet. *g*
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