January 26th, 2005

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The samples are off the loom

and washed! They drip-dried last night (it was way too warm to even consider running the dryer..sorry, all you northeners!) and I am going to try to dig the serger out and get them cut and serged.

I finished up all my work today, so tomorrow I can do the write up and get them ready to mail out. Whee!

Things I learned:

I love my Glimakra! It is a wonderful loom, large shed, pretty quiet. I love the overhead beater - it is so much lighter than the LeClerc's underslung beater, it's just not even funny. The taller breast beam is nice - I'm not hunched over anymore, and my back and neck don't hurt after a weaving session.

However...I Hate the wood tie-on rods. They are too thick (IMO) and I had a heck of a time getting semi-decent tension. I am going to hit Home Despot or Lowe's and get 2 1/4" steel rods to replace them. *shrug* It may be just because that's what I'm used to, but they don't seem to require as much yarn to tie on.

I need to work on my shuttle technique. I lost 2" in draw-in, and supposedly you shouldn't lose that much (per Joanne Hall, you shouldn't lose hardly any). No biggie - I plan on losing at least 1" in width due to draw-in, but....I am going to try and get it down to almost nothing.

I had a problem with breaking warp threads. Not sure if it was the cone, or the reed - the yarn was from Webs (their 8/2 unmercerized label), sleyed double in a 10 dent reed. The breaks weren't consistent - they didn't *just* occur when I moved the beater, or advanced the warp, so I'm not really sure what the deal was.

Next up in the project queue: getting that alpaca dehaired and carded. I want my closet back! *g* Thank the lord I have a PG drumcarder - that should help speed up the process!

I'm still sick - the cough is worse and I'm still having hot flashes and chills. I'm knocking back Nyquil and Robitussin shots (not at the same time!) in the hopes of staving off something serious. Blech.
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me: portrait

Did you know...

that sergers are considered "heavy equipment"? Neither did I.........

But apparantly they are. I cut out and serged my twill samples. They are.....mostly square. Mostly.

It's kind of hard to stay on the lines when you break into a coughing fit every 3 or 4 minutes.

I was going to cut up some Pebble weave fabric I have, but under the circumstances, I think I'll pass. *g*

Off to shoot some more Nyquil.
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