January 30th, 2005

me: portrait


I have a headache. Ibuprofen hasn't touched it yet.....and Himself's screaming fit at Sunday school sure didn't help. (*He* didn't get 2 lollipops, just 1. That was cause for *20*.minutes.of.non.stop.screaming.)

Herself has lost a library book, and is refusing to look for it. I am refusing to pay for it, because after all, *I* did not misplace said book. I told her she would have to work for the school to pay it off.....she still is refusing to look for it. Fun stuff.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to a friend of a friend's, and helped her get set up on Ebay as a seller. I hope she does well...but her prices are a bit higher than similar stuff (only, hers are nicer. Resin instead of cheapie wood. Mostly decorative-type stuff). She was/is very computer illiterate, so I showed her how to operate her digital camera (a Kodak - v.v.user friendly!), then how to download and edit the pictures, then how to go into Ebay and set up each auction. Cool stuff, and fun (for me, anyway - I like doing this sort of stuff!), and - she paid me enough that I did a pretty nice grocery run at Thrallmart.

Off to eat something, then it's back to bed for me. The kids can fend for themselves today.
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