January 31st, 2005

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I need some inspiration....

I have found myself in the horrid position of having No fiber project going. (We won't count the 2 sweaters-in-progress, since I am Not allowed to Knit per my orthoped. Bleh!)

I have 3 full Alpaca fleeces that need to be processed and spun. I have 1/4 pound of handspun Shetland that needs to be dyed and woven. I have 8/2 cotton screaming to be woven into dishtowels. My CSM is throwing me forlorn looks, and sulking in the front room...and I have oodles and gobs of sock yarn waiting to be cranked up. Fabric waiting to be sewn up into a quilted wallhanging. Wool/Mohair blend that's 1/2 spun up on the Joy. Dyed Columbia wool almost all carded and spun up on the AA. *sigh*

It seems to be a case of Too much. Too many projects..and nothing that has grabbed my attention. I *need* to have a project or 2 going...and yet, nothing.

I'm actually contemplating *cleaning* my house, that's how bad it is!

Must find some inspiration...and fast! *g*
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