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February 5th, 2005


RAOK and Squick'd out! 02:40 pm
First, the RAOK: Annie (COTFU) sent me a huge ol' box o'books. Big box. Wonderfully big - full of Star Wars and Star Trek paperbooks. Having never been into the Extended Universe, I am faced with a huge box o'unread books...very close to Heaven, methinks!

Now, the squickedness......I disposed of 3 very dead mice this AM. D*con really works! Unfortunately, there is at least 2 still living...1 in my bathroom, and 1 in Herself's closet. (I *told* her to keep her closet clean....she doesn't listen. It had made a lovely nest out of 3 or 4 of her books. And clothes. Ugh!) D*con has been placed in both closets, so we should be disposing at least 2 more bodies soon.

Herself is very pissed at me - I made a huge mess in her (already messy) room trying to remove said nest (and live mouse, but he scurried away faster than I could stomp. Or my Dad could stomp, for that matter.) She is in there now "cleaning up". Uh huh. She's actually sitting on her bed whining about how hard this is and how scared of the (itty-bitty) mouse she is and how it Just Isn't FAIR that she has to clean up. Mentioning how much work I did last night and this AM to get the kitchen (spotless), dining (almost spotless - at least I excavated the table!), family (was spotless until Himself decided to excavate under the entertainment center), entry (spotless) and living (floor's clean in there, at least) rooms hasn't made any difference in her attitude.

At least my house is presentable again!

Now, I'm going to browse online - I need some steel tie-on rods for my loom.
Current Mood: tiredtired
The possessed iPod says:: Brobdingnagian Bards: Happily Ever After
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