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February 11th, 2005


Very pleased with myself 03:55 pm
today. It was "take the daughter to the doctor then bum around" day - Himself was at the daycare, so it was just she and I.

We hit Thrallmart first, to kill some time. Much shopping and conversation ensued. Got 3 new rosebushes, among other things. She helped me pick out some gypsy earrings, and the valentine "surprise" for her and him. Then..on to the doctor.

It was....good. Which is surprising. The doc is pleased with her response to the Concerta (as am I), and didn't mess with the dosage. This is good.

We then hit North Park Mall. They have a "pond" with turtles, which was a big hit with Himself. Herself liked it...but they now have *5* ducks in there, too. The ducks were a much bigger hit, especially when one of them decided the water was just the right temprature for swimming.

Then, when that got old, we headed out for lunch. She wanted Rockfish, so Rockfish it was. Good food, good service. Headed home to recharge.

After a quick nap, we headed out again. I wanted to try and find some steel barstock to replace the apron rods on the Glimakra. Wonder of wonders, this town has a *steel* manufactury type place! I am so very pleased....10 foot of 3/8" round barstock, cut in 2...............for.....................brace yourself..................$2.38.

Camilla Valley wants $9 EACH for 60" tie on rods. Plus shipping. With tax and a rust remover thing, the bill was $9.38. The salesguy told me to spray them, let them sit 24 hours, then put them on the loom. Now, if I could just find a local place for reeds!

I promised Herself tacos for dinner, so I guess I need to get started on them.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
The possessed iPod says:: Thomas the Tank Engine (on the TV)
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